Inner Security is a leading information security services provider. We are renowned for our excellence in the penetration testing of critical government and large corporate systems.

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Inner Security's Application Penetration Test is an ethical attack simulation that is intended to expose the effectiveness of an application's security controls. It highlights risks posed by actual, exploitable vulnerabilities or hacker activity. The test is built around a manual testing process that is intended to go much further than the generic responses, false positive findings and lack of depth provided by automated application assessment tools.

Potential vulnerabilities identified by Application Penetration Testing:

1. Input Validation.

2. Buffer Overflow.

3. Cross Site Scripting.

4. URL Manipulation.

5. SQL Injection.

6. Hidden Variable Manipulation.

7. Cookie Modification.

8. Authentication Bypass.

9. Code Execution.

10. Other, Common Software Attacks.

“Inner Security testers have been involved with our project from an early development stage, this enabled our team to have a high level of security advice and guidance throughout the whole process. I am happy that Inner Security will be continuing to provide this service throughout future version releases of our application and look forward to our future relationship.”

Senior Development Manager, Public Sector

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