Inner Security is a leading information security services provider. We are renowned for our excellence in the penetration testing of critical government and large corporate systems.

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From Inner Security’s roots as a leading independent information security services provider, we have frequently been asked to assist in the Functional Test phases of product creation.

The normal separation of functional test from rigorous security testing, pushes the potential discovery of high severity defects to the latter phases of the development lifecycle.

Inner Security has a functional test team that will integrate security testing from Unit Test through System Test, Integration Test and User Acceptance Test phases.
This drives out critical bugs earlier in the lifecycle than discovery at Penetration Test phase, protecting time, cost and quality on our customer projects.

We provide the full suite of Functional Test services, from writing the Test Strategy and Test Plan, to resourcing the team, to writing and executing the scripts, to Defect Management and final Test Reports.

We will operate either as a fully outsourced Functional Test Team, or within our customer teams where we can also provide mentoring and up-skilling.

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