Inner Security is a leading information security services provider. We are renowned for our excellence in the penetration testing of critical government and large corporate systems.

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Inner Security Vision (ISV) is our core managed service which enhances our clients’ security operations. It will complement and replace solutions already in place, so that our clients receive a more comprehensive service at a more affordable price.

Being made aware of new vulnerabilities specific to their environment saves valuable internal resource time. Knowing of these vulnerabilities before a fix is available, secures immediate mitigation and the forward planning of software updates. This will raise the maturity of their security operation to another level. Knowing that the security and the correct operation of a customer-facing website is being continuously monitored, is considered by our clients to be an invaluable service which allows them to sleep at night.

Core ISV Modules

Website Security:

1. Content monitoring for website changes and unauthorised defacement.

2. Denial of service identification.

3. DNS security testing.

Website Performance:

1. Availability monitoring and alerts.

2. On-going response time measurements.

3. Functionality checking e.g. ensuring that shopping baskets continue to operate correctly.

Zer0day Vulnerability Alerts:

1. Mapped to a client's infrastructure,the client is alerted to threats before patches are released.

Regular vulnerability assessments:

1. Quarterly assessments to ensure that your systems are kept to date.

Security support and assistance:

1. Expert advice on how to re-mediate issues.

"We contracted with Inner Security for their ISV managed service as we wanted to maintain security throughout the lifetime of the application, but we also get great value from the pro-active operational monitoring which alerts us should the website not function correctly in any way. Competitive pricing meant we were able to outsource the service for less than it would cost to operate the service ourselves, yet it is being run by experts in their field."

Senior Program Manager

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