Inner Security is a leading information security services provider. We are renowned for our excellence in the penetration testing of critical government and large corporate systems.

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Having a system that performs tasks correctly and securely, will not benefit an organisation if the performance or stability of the solution is inadequate.
Inner Security will develop and perform tests to provide evidence of how your systems will perform.

Inner Security's offering is split into:

Load Testing

This will provide detail on the performance that is to be expected under different load conditions.
This is extremely valuable in informing our customers if their systems will cope with expected load.

Stress Testing

This will identify the maximum capacity of a system and provides vital knowledge when advising the business on planned initiatives and campaigns that will drive more traffic through a system and as system naturally becomes more utilized, what the maximum acceptable load is before improvements are required to sustain the required user experience.

Soak Testing

This provides evidence of whether a system will maintain its performance over time.
Particular attention is paid to memory utilization to ensure there are no leaks that will degrade performance over time.

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