Inner Security is a leading information security services provider. We are renowned for our excellence in the penetration testing of critical government and large corporate systems.

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Inner Security consultants are experienced in the development of enterprise security architectures. These are business-driven and provide a structured inter-relationship between the technical and procedural solutions to support the long-term needs of the business. If the architecture is to be successful, then it must provide a rational framework within which decisions can be made upon the selection of security solutions.

The decision criteria should be derived from a thorough understanding of the business requirements, including:

1. Operability.

2. Usability.

3. Scalability.

4. Ease of component re-use.

5. Integration with the enterprise IT architecture and its legacy systems.

6. The need for cost reduction.

The security of systems is only a small part of information security. Information assurance or information risk management (these terms are to some degree, inter-changeable), are also part of a wider topic; business security.

Business security embraces three major areas: information security, business continuity, physical and environmental security.

Broader still, is the view that business security is concerned with all aspects of operational risk management. Only through Inner Security's integrated approach to the wider aspects of business security, will it be possible for an enterprise to make the most cost-effective and optimal decisions with regards to the management of operational risk.

"We engaged one of Inner Security's architects to oversee and ratify the design of a new secure corporate network capable of handling IL3 type information. His input was invaluable in finalising a solution which was scalable and secure, yet remained cost-effective".

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