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Social Engineering is a non-technical method of attack that relies heavily on human manipulation. Its aim is to trick people into disclosing information inadvertently or influencing them to provide access to information, assets, or premises. Its impact can be a serious concern for Information Security professionals due to the ease with which this technique may be used to connect to networks using unsuspecting individuals. Despite high levels of IT technical protection, this may leave systems vulnerable to attack.

By testing a client's resilience to this method of attack, Inner Security can promote broader corporate awareness and accountability. This can bring about behavioural changes, reduced employee vulnerability and increased protection against this threat. Ultimately this will have a significant, positive impact on risks related to information security.

“We had a specific requirement to conduct testing on the physical security of one of our key office locations. Having initially conducted this testing through a different organisation, we decided to contract Inner Security to re-test this, as the accuracy of this initial testing was in doubt. Inner Security performed this task extremely professionally and were able to provide a concise report that highlighted and advised on areas previously unknown.”

Senior Director, Private Sector

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