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Wireless Penetration Testing begins with limited knowledge and no credentials provided. This is designed to simulate a genuine attack on your wireless infrastructure.

This method is not designed to test the effectiveness of each implemented control individually.
However, this will show which vulnerabilities exist and the overall information security risk the wireless infrastructure introduces into your IT environment.
Testing can also be performed with provided user credentials.

This will enable the tester to associate with the wireless network and determine if access controls to connected networks are sufficiently robust and systems located on the wireless network are hardened.

As with all Inner Security infrastructure penetration services, the process will start with reconnaissance; moving to enumeration, vulnerability identification and lastly validation, to eliminate false positives in line with the strict testing methodology.

“We engaged Inner Security to perform security testing across our wireless infrastructure, this testing was a requirement in accordance with the government code of connection (CoCo).

The testing team were extremely efficient and on completion provided detailed report information that was easily understood and in-line with our operational requirements.”

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