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A Zero Day (or zero hour or day zero) attack or threat is a computer threat that tries to exploit computer vulnerabilities that are unknown to others or the hardware or software vendor. Zero Day exploits (actual software that uses a security hole to carry out an attack) are used or shared by attackers before the vendor of the target hardware or software knows about the vulnerability.


The term derives from the age of the exploit. A "Zero Day" attack occurs on or before the first or "zeroth" day of developer awareness, meaning the vendor has not had any opportunity to distribute a security fix to users of the hardware or software.

Ethical Disclosure

Our thoroughness at penetration testing often leads us to identify new zero day vulnerabilities, and our ethical approach follows a strict process to only disclose the information to the vendor.
We then help the vendor understand the vulnerability and work with them to provide a technical fix, whilst simultaneously providing our client with a confidential workaround to re-mediate the vulnerability pending a fix becoming available.
Only when an exploit has been fixed in the form of a patch or new software release will information be made more broadly available.

Recent Zero Day Vulnerabilities identified by Inner Security

  • Nessus Security Scanner Information Disclosure
  • Sun Java Manager Policy Agent Denial of Service
  • HP Quality Centre Password Encryption Cracked
  • VMWare stealing of browser sessions held open on server

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